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super fun game i love it i thing u should countine it

The down arrow should work instead of S. Also, it should work on clouds.

Cool game! I really wish I could play a full version of this. Something that would last for 2 hours or so :D
Love the humour, keep it up!

This is a great game!  Fun mechanic with using your corpse to pass obstacles.  The challenges are great and a good balance of difficulty.  Nice artwork as well.  Good job!


Wowie what a game!

The game is very good looking and attractive to look at with very charming pixel graphics. I want this game on my gameboy.

The concept is very cool you created some very unique and interesting puzzles that utilise the games mechanics nicely. My personal favorite is the poison. Some of the platforming levels are a little difficult, but can be cleared with some patience and good timing.

The humor in the game was very entertaining; I liked destroying that character's birthday cake.

Just a recommendation for the developers; the controls incorporate the S button to move down through a platform in some cases, so please add this to the controls.

This is personally my favorite game in the game jam so far, please give it a play.


Thank you for the feedback :D

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the coolest game jam game i ever played

Thanks so much :D

wtf i made it to heaven?

tutorial plz

no pokemaster2266 no